Shelby ready


Mission Statement

Building and strengthening community through faith guided preparedness.


Since April 2022, A small group of independent Shelby County, Ohio stakeholders has gathered to begin planning for a few unthinkable threats and hazards in a serious and intentional way and from a citizen's point of view. We have developed a loose group concept we have named Shelby Ready. This group concept is in its infancy, but its role will be strictly limited to coordination and information sharing with already existing groups and agencies. It is informal and unofficial by design to allow for maximum flexibility in our project and planning efforts. Shelby Ready is based on the old Civil Defense model of citizens taking responsibility and ownership for themselves and their communities. Fostering Community and Love of Neighbor are at the core of our efforts.

The scenario we began the project with was a supply chain collapse leading to a food shortage—and what we can do to prepare for that happening. In talking to other emergency managers and preparedness planners about this project, it became obvious that others in the West Central and South West Ohio area are also planning for similar catastrophes at some level. In the process of comparing notes, it has become clear that the availability of Diesel Fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is foundational to ANY and ALL responses for a large number catastrophic events. Diesel is key. If one is watching the news, it is becoming clear that the Diesel supply chain is fragile, and our capacity to refine and distribute Diesel is one fire, or one hurricane away from a complete breakdown. The rapidly evolving threat picture on the fuel supply has moved this event up from a late summer workshop to an early July timeline - i.e. the recent NOAA meteorologists predictions of an above average season, etc. and early shuttering of a refinery if an equipment malfunction were to occur.